A Financial Dynasty, Family Dynasty, Secular dynasty

The name "Hottinger" appears for the first time in the annals of the city of Zollikon, near Zürich, in 1362.

As early as 1495, the registers of the city of Zürich mention a Hottinger, pastor.

In the XVIth and XVIIth centuries, several members of the family will choose this vocation in which they excel. Among these, Klaus Hottinger (1467-1524), a disciple of Zwingli, was the first martyr of the Swiss Protestant movement.

The family also includes a line of theologians such as Johann Heinrich Hottinger (1620-1667) or scientists, including Hans-Heinrich (1620-1667), better known as Johann-Heinrich Hottinger, a famous Orientalist, historian and theologian, dean of the University of Heidelberg.

In the 18th century, two branches were distinguished: that of the pastors, faithful to the family tradition, and that of the merchants. It is this second branch that will bring to France a line of bankers who, for more than two centuries, will work for the development of their country of adoption.

In 1786, Hans-Konrad was only twenty-six when he opened his first banking establishment "Messieurs Rougemont and Hottinguer". A few months later, in early 1787, the bank was registered in the Royal Almanac, with offices located at the Hôtel de Beaupreaux on Croix-des-Petits-Champs Street.

The Banque de France was created in 1800 and entrusted the mission of advising the Governor, according to the statutes, to twenty managers. Jean-Conrad was appointed, as early as 1803, Regent of the Banque de France. For 133 years - a unique fact - the Hottinguer will occupy a seamless seat on the Board of Managers.

Under the First Empire, the name "Hottinger" was translated into "Hottinguer" when the baron was granted patent.

The 21st Century

Due to family breakdown, Jean-Philippe, his son Jean-Conrad and his cousins ​​François and Emmanuel are the last members to hold a bank house in France.

The convictions of Jean-Philippe Hottinguer, François Hottinguer and Emmanuel Hottinguer will lead them to succeed in the challenge of maintaining in Paris a Hottinguer Bank.

In July 2006, their efforts were rewarded, when the French regulator approved Financière HR as a bank and then authorized it to call itself Banque Jean-Philippe Hottinguer & Cie and in July 2012 Banque Hottinguer.

The surname Hottinguer thus becomes the oldest present in the banking sector in Paris.

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